Sense of Space Perceptions of Place

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    Tanya Abraham

Joanna is a painter and circus performer based in London. She studied History of Art at Cambridge University, and now works in circus and fine art. She established her circus company, The Feathers of Daedalus Circus in 2016 and works to conceptually combine her paintings and theatre productions.

This exhibition, Senses of Space: Perceptions of Place, explores location identity from both an insider and outsider perspective. The works draw together three collections of work made in the past year that are united by their focus on the portrayal of an instinctive reaction to location both familiar and alien.

The Itoshima paintings were the culmination of a residency at Studio Kura in Japan and demonstrate Joanna’s process of discovering and understanding the area of study, Itoshima.

The Midsummer and Winter series show a developmental process in the creation of her new circus production, an adaptation of A Midsummer Nights Dream. Although being inspired by the narrative of the play, the works are also a documentation of the setting in which they were made – Autumnal England. A setting which inspired the writing of the theatre production and which is to Joanna the most familiar, her home.

The India sketchbook collages demonstrate Joanna’s recent journey around India and how she initially collects and documents her experiences of a place before developing the sketches and collections into finished pieces as with the Itoshima series’

Curator's Note

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