Vincent Uncle

  • Artist:

    Indu Antony

  • Curator:

    Tanya Abraham

Indu Antony is a visual artist from Thoyakkavu, Thrissur who is based out of Bangalore currently.

The process of individuation – the integration of the conscious and unconscious mind – was the only way for a ‘splintered’ individual to become whole, said Carl Jungs in his personal unconscious theory.

This process of acknowledging the conscious and unconscious mind intertwined with ones imagination and reality forms the basis of this work. The personal unconscious contains temporarily forgotten information as well as repressed memories.

Indu was in residency with Kashi from July 10th to August 10th 2017. The works shown here are investigations

Curator's Note

Tradition, myths and untouched natural beauty meet here at Kayal, a resort hidden in a quiet island on Vembanad lake, India's largest lagoon. On a soul searching trip to this island, Maneesha Panicker, the founder of experiential travel outfit, Silk Route Escapes, realized she had to share the authenticity of this unexplored land with her guests. At Kakkathuruthu, the Island of Crows, she built Kayal, an intimate space where fisherfolk and farmers share their life with guests. Though not far from the ancient port city of Kochi, the island, connected only by traditional rowboats, is off the maddening rush of modernity. While experiencing the luxury at Kayal, you will be taken back to time when life