The Unspoken

  • Artist:

    Manoj Bhanuse

  • Curator:

    Tanya Abraham

  • Location:

    Kashi Art Gallery, Burger Street, Fort Kochi

  • Date:

    July 06, 2018 - August 06, 2018

  • Biodata:

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Artist Manoj Bhanuse, through his paintings, expresses the mundane elements that we come across in our everyday lives. Through abstraction, he attempts to establish feelings of familiarity and estrangement, all at once. The mood of the paintings is not necessarily melancholy, neither is it joyful. Rather, these images try to infuse a sense of detachment through its somber shades, urging the viewer to be inquisitive through the changing scales of the depicted objects.

Manoj Bhanuse is a painter and sculptor based out of Nagpur, Maharashtra. His artistic oeuvre comprise works across multiple mediums, and his knack for combining various techniques to explore more possibilities of expression make his work unique.

Curator's Note

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The Unspoken (1)

40”x40”, oil on canvas

Lotus Pod

40”x40”, oil on canvas

Morning Walk

40”x40”, oil on canvas

The Unspoken (2)

40”x40”, oil on canvas

The Unspoken (3)

48”x24”, oil on canvas

The Unspoken (4)

48”x24”, oil on canvas

Red Landscape (1)

36”x36”, oil on canvas

Red Landscape (2)

36”x36”, oil on canvas