City of Dreams

  • Artist:

    Bhartti verma

  • Location:

    Kashi Art Gallery, Burger Street, Fort Kochi

  • Date:

    6 November 2019 - 15 January 2020

  • Artist Bio:

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Bio: I have lived in Delhi all my life. Never have I witnessed the city placid and silent, it buzzes with people and activity. Yet, in this crowded city, I have always found myself alone and found solace within the buildings I create in my paintings. There is congestion all around me, yet the paintings project an imagery of a mystical landscape - it’s creation is a way to commute in my (dream) city.

In my childhood, I used to marvel at the aerial view of buildings; I was different from the other children I knew, who found themselves fascinated by clouds, the birds.....

The fascination for brick structures first emerged during the 1st year of my BFA programme and since then, these imitative drawings have evolved in a way that, they have become an intrinsic part of my visual language. My search for solace has to lead me to draw a connection between the present and the past, the present city and past objects. The objects that used to be a part of my childhood are now only a memory. I long for these objects just as much as I long for solitude, and hence, my paintings are a conscious attempt to attain both.

The monochromatically painted works replicate the present(city) with the past(memories) by introducing colored imagery to only the objects. Sometimes the city adheres to the object and at other times the city is the framed contour of the object. The mystical composition I have strived for is also a dialogue between my memories and past objects, both in relation to the present time. The works “Time Worn”, “Typewriter”, and “The Time Capsule” are examples of this. (My explorations also include collecting and using found objects on 2-D surface, creating installations, and using kinetic objects to enhance the viewers engagement with the artwork.)