A Forest Fiery

  • Artist:

    Shani Shaki

  • Location:

    Kashi Art Gallery, Burger Street, Fort Kochi

  • Date:

    01 March 2020 - 31 June 2020

Shani Shaki’s body of work centred on Nature is an expression of his heart's longing to recede into the forests every now and then. It's an attempt to highlight the powerful link between human lives and Mother Nature, and how our survival could be irreparably damaged as we continue to alienate her. A fashion photographer, Shani has used an iPhone to capture the series showcased at the exhibition. The phone camera being an everyday object, he prefers to use it to create a sense of familiarity and comfort for his subjects. He urges viewers to see the larger story playing behind his pictures, and understand that they play a huge role in how this story eventually plays out for the planet.

Bio: Active in various fields of fashion, and film industries and has tried his hand at acting, styling, producing and directing along with photography. An Instagram influencer with a wide audience in his social media handles, he is currently acting in various feature films and web series and also gearing up for his first feature film directorial venture.

Medium and size :

Untitled, PVC Photo Paper, Glassy Matte, 42x59.4 cm