My Name is Gayatri Gamuz

  • Artist:

    Gayatri Gamuz

  • Location:

    Kashi Art Gallery, Burger Street, Fort Kochi

  • Date:

    August 17, 2013

Kashi art gallery presents the solo exhibition by Gayatri Gamuz titled ‘My Name is Gayatri Gamuz’ curated by Tanya Abraham from 17th August 2013.

“ ‘My Name is Gayatri Gamuz’ is an oeuvre which speaks about identity and location. It is the culmination of a long journey which started in Spain and transcended to India. It is about the real and the imaginary, about dreams and their interpretations, about life and its meaning. Every bit of it comes forth from an experience, an encounter, either from the past or the present, all of which have a link to Gamuz's personal life. It speaks of the illusion of possession, closeness, familiarity, similitude and difference