The box of documents | Kadalassuppeti

  • Artist:

    Meydad Eliyahu

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Concept note

The box of documents | Kadalassuppeti

The big silence in my father’s family about life in Kochi and the fact that both my grandparents passed away before I was born, led me to an obsessive research for this missing chapter in history. Born and raised in Mesilat Zion, a village near by Jerusalem of Kerala Jews community, I felt that even though some aspects of this community heritage were kept, many things vanished in traumatic circumstances. Coming back to Kochi, with a suitcase full of documents and artifacts, all related to the Jewish presence in Kerala, is both symbolic and deliberate.The installation space and workshops that it will be installed in is an effort of the reconstruction of this vanished presence and rare cultural dialogue after many years. The project combines different aspects of my artistic development and process. It’s my own artistic practice in painting, drawing and printmaking, the cultural and social research of my own community, and my experience in art education that becomes one whole art-work for the very first time. The final outcome of the project is yet to be determined, since it involves both the Kochi community and the Jewish-Kerala community in Israel; their expression and art works, and texts will hopefully function as a new layer in the elaborate tapestry that forms the project as a living, breathing, perpetual creation.