Can I call you back?

  • Artist:

    Gigi Scaria

  • Location:

    New Delhi, India

Concept note

‘Can I call you back?’ is a project based on women in Kerala.

It is an attempt to start a conversation regarding many aspects of womanhood and how as a society we accept, reject, accommodate and resist the ideas of freedom from a feminist perspective.There have been bold and visionary women in Kerala’s history. As a patriarchal society we appreciate this boldness of a woman only if her works contributes to the male dominating social system. A voice threatening the existing order is always dealt with as an act of the devil that dents the age-old social fabric. Even though the attitude towards women has changed much the last twenty years in Kerala, feminist movements are still viewed with suspicion. The system of power rules in a very subtle and controlled manner, which projects a modern progressive society on one hand, but on the other hand it hides its violence against women in every possible way. When a society camouflages itself as a progressive one when the women in that system are suffering from gender discrimination, we need to analyse seriously the notion of ‘modernity’ and its various interpretations. This project is an attempt to record testimonies of the ‘self ‘ and the ‘other’ in the context of women. Participants share their views through conversations and personal stories