Kashi Art Residency with artist Catherine Stoll Simon

  • Artist:

    Catherine Stoll Simon

  • Location:

    Town House, Quiros Street in Fort Kochi

Catherine works with mediums like plaster and natural fabric to explain the abundance in the presence of Christ through his clothing, using metaphors representing spirituality and materialism, extending to not just Christianity but the presence of spirituality in all religions and peoples.

Artist interaction at Our Lady’s Convent Girls’ School, Thoppumpady

In collaboration with Kashi Art Gallery, on 9 February 2018, The Art Outreach Society conducted a two-hour long interactive session with artist Catherine Stoll-Simon. A writer and plastic artist, she introduced her current works of art to students of grades 8 and 9. She spoke about how she came across the twice-a-century exhibition of Christ’s tunic at a French basilica, a few years ago, and how that spurred her to delve upon ‘sacred clothes’ and their relevance and meaning to civilizations and cultures.

Working with large, fifty-year-old sackcloths found outside the city of Paris, she has recreated Christ’s garments and retold the story of spiritual vs material using a famous city’s landscape at the back of the three works. More than decoration, her work space and artworks speaks of ritual and reverence. She lights a candle and offer prayers to the divine before she sets her chisel.

Catherine showed the students photos of the process – from curing and colouring the sacks to etching the cityscape using modelling paste and wire meshes and finishing her two-foot by two-foot canvases. The girls were thrilled about her travels and experiences and asked her several questions about her current and previous exhibitions and artworks.

She has extensively worked and lived with the Bedouins of Africa and is a member of International Foundation of Worldwide Deserts. Catherine, in her series, will also be creating similar works based on the holy vestments worn by Hindu, Islamic, Buddhist and Shamanic religious heads.