Kashi Art Residency with Muriel Moreau

  • Artist:

    Muriel Moreau

  • Curator:

    Tanya Abraham

  • Location:

    Napier House, Kashi Art Gallery

  • Date:

    09 January 2020 - 01 February 2020

  • Artist Bio:

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Muriel Moreau is a French artist who has experimented with her practice in a new space and surrounding, it is an is an exploration of new languages to her already existing oeuvre.

How did you visualise your work in this space ?

The nice morning’s light oriented my thoughts about the construction of the project. The movement and the intensity of the brightness made slowly the work alive and gave me different interesting views. I found slowly the way to install the work in the space and the forms that i want to give it. The songs of the birds on the roof participated in the beauty of this place and my enthusiasm to work there.

To you is space important in a work, if yes how does it influence your work ?

Each space contains his own energy, his own story and of course influences the vision on the work. First, you need to take some time to soak up with the vibrations of the place, you have to observ how the light moving, and the many possibilities that the space offers you to impulse news ideas. Slowly, the empty space gives you answers and participes in the formal construction of the work. It becomes one space of work but also a new space of reflection.

What about language ? Do you see an unconscious language talked about ?

As each artist, i develop my own language.With the time, i begin to feel one consciousness of it. The images that i create, participate in the construction of my own universe. It describes a part of me that i also slowly discover. During this residency, i surprised myself to have done an installation which looks similar as an ancient important work, one etching big size that i did two years ago. It shows that this research continue to live and to evolve.

How do you see art and the text « doing » something to the audience, what roles do thay play ?

As for me, Art is the expression of a kind of resistance. It shows the secrets of everyone’s heart, a sens of humanity, a sensitve dream that we all carry within us.

The Thoughts of the tree

Three etchings printed on japanese paper Okawara, bee wax, wood, 90 cm diameter, 2020.